Raising awareness and funds is critical to the success of your mission. But to truly make an impact, an effective petition program that can generate volume is where significant and immediate change can occur.

With MobileMatters' Text2Sign™ service, you can encourage political action and grassroots mobilization by collecting signatures digitally for any type petition you wish. As a result of the double opt-in regulation created by the mobile phone industry, individuals can quickly and easily use their digital signature to vote or voice their opinions on issues in real-time. Collecting signatures and accurately maintaining petition data has never been so efficient.

  • Easy—Individuals just text "SIGN" to receive a link asking them for their contact information and digital signature
  • Fast—Collect hundreds of thousands of signatures in hours, not days
  • Affordable—Significantly less expensive, time consuming, and labor-intensive than relying on volunteers or employees to collect signatures manually
  • Green—Eliminates the cost and environmental footprint of paper-based petitions
  • Reliable—Signature files are digital so record keeping is easier, more accurate, and easy to retrieve for future uses

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