Develop a 24/7/365 dedicated alert channel to maintain continuous contact with any and all of your constituents for situations requiring the immediate dissemination of critical information.

With our always-on, dedicated SMS gateway, you'll be able to alert and inform your constituents, in real-time, anytime on matters such as natural disasters, volunteer and relief efforts, weather advisories, school emergencies, Amber alerts, and other important information such as schedule changes, donor drives, voter reminders, employment opportunities, food drives, and more.

  • Deliver updates, news, and critical cause-related developments
  • Target specific segments of your database based upon the information and specific action needed
  • Rapidly disseminate critical information with unprecedented immediacy and control
  • Employ "on demand" fundraising
  • Deliver time-sensitive information such as reminding people to vote the day of an election
  • And more

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