Non-Profit Organizations

Take advantage of SMS messaging to mobilize supporters, raise awareness, solicit donations, and engage new constituents including the hard-to-reach younger generation. Integrate mobile into your already existing marketing efforts as a powerful medium to raise both awareness and funds for your cause. Tap into a medium that is simple, viral, instant, interactive, measurable, and yet have a very real and very immediate impact on charitable giving around the globe.

Schools and Universities

The mobile channel is the ideal solution for school districts, colleges, and private schools to disseminate critical information quickly and affordably. Use it to alert parents of emergencies, closings, schedule changes, cancellations, and more. Communicate with your entire student body in a matter of seconds. Create multiple lists, categorizing students and parents by grade, clubs, or activities. Student fraternities, sororities, groups and teams can communicate with their members. Build community, announce important gatherings, and increase attendance at school events. Oh yeah, FUNDRAISE too!  Supporters can simply TXT in their donation! Use different "keywords" (TRACK, TENNIS, ARTS, MUSIC, ALPHA, SCIENCE, etc) to raise funds for specific departments!

Religious Organizations

Help your faith-based organization develop a strong sense of community by utilizing the mobile channel to communicate with your congregation about institution events, news, and critical information such as schedule changes, cancellations and more. Send daily bible quotes, prayers, inspirational messages, event reminders, donation requests, and trip reminders. Connect better with your technology reliant youth population.

Political and Advocacy Groups

"TXT We Can!" Implement a diverse range of mobile resources to rapidly communicate with and mobilize your constituents, raise awareness, get out the vote, raise funds, recruit volunteers, and much more. The mobile channel puts your political or advocacy campaign into high-gear—and fast. Reach supporters directly anywhere they are, any time of the day. Send powerful pre-recorded campaign messages to you entire constituent database instantly. Convert everyday people into engaged and empowered volunteers, donors and advocates!

Professional Fundraisers

Harness the speed, reach and immediacy of mobile to communicate instantly with donors and organizations. Utilize mobile to help raise awareness and donations for charities. Integrate mobile into your already existing marketing strategies. Harness the power of a medium that is ubiquitous, permission-based, personal, instantaneous, interactive, simple to use, is "always-on, always-on-you", and process donations 24/7/365, without the need for credit cards, checks, mailers, etc.

Event Planners

Employ dynamic, mobile-enabled tools such as Text2Screen to create a highly-targeted, interactive, and exciting experience at your events. Encourage audience participation. Create engaging mobile initiatives where the audience can send visible text messages to live event Jumbotrons, display screens or TV broadcasts in real time, encouraging increased audience participation, thereby significantly raising donation totals. Effectively coordinate and promote live events fast and easy with the ability to instantly communicate with event participants using mobile alerts, invites, reminders, and tickets!