Let MobileMatters help your organization harness the ease and ubiquity of mobile to create a 24/7/365 "mDONATE" gateway.  Allow your supporters to make a donation in an instant, without the need for checks, credit cards, or participating in a lengthy phone call, or without costly mailings. Anyone with a mobile phone can now easily give to your organization anytime, anywhere, and on any phone, simply by sending a simple one-word text message (the name of your organization, for example). Through this automated and streamlined process, your donors can rapidly make impulsive donations right from their mobile phone, saving you tremendous time and money.

  • Launch a dedicated, automated donation processing system that's open 24/7/36
  • Process donations in seconds instead of days
  • No checks or credit cards required for $5 or $10 micro-donations which, in large numbers, become significant, especially in today's difficult economy
  • Encourage participation from new donors, particularly the often difficult to reach youth segment, who will likely contribute to your organization on an ongoing basis and in increasing amounts
  • Donations are charged safely, securely, and directly to your donors' phone bills
  • Unlimited donation amounts can be made through a mobile "online giving" portal
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • The easiest, most affordable way to raise money for your cause
  • Launching a mobile fundraising campaign shows your organization embraces innovation, and it can create tremendous enthusiasm amongst members, constituents, donors, and even gives your organization a fantastic opportunity for highly valuable press coverage

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